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Touch is essential for our physical and emotional well being. The healing touch of massage refreshes body, mind and spirit in a natural way. Massage therapy involves gentle yet effective hands on manipulation of the muscles and is one of the best known antidotes for stress, pain relief, increase in joint and muscle mobility, improving circulation and aiding in healing. Anyone, young or old can benefit from massage therapy. Research has shown that massage therapy provides physical, mental and emotional benefits for all life stages.

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Wednesday9:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday9:00am - 6:00pm
Friday9:00am - 6:00pm

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60 min. massage:$70.00
90 min. massage:$95.00
15 min.
business chair massage:$20.00
(minimum 6 per visit - total: $120.00)

Outcall fees based on location.

Bodywork & Massage

  A holistic approach to connecting mind and body through energy work and massage as an important part of an overall wellness strategy. I offer an eclectic blend of adalities including deep tissue massage and acupressure. I work with your comfort level as to deep or a lighter energetic session depending on your individual situation.

Pregnancy Massage

  For women who would love to lie comfortably on their bellies without discomfort. Come and experience my special table with pull out panels.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  Have you been in a car accident?
I can give you relief and help prevent problems down the road.

  A medical referral from a doctor or chiropractor is required for me to bill the insurance company..There is no out of pocket expense to you.

I can bill your insurance company.
Kate Kelly Massage, Eugene, OR

Trauma Survivors

  I am a survivor of trauma myself and I combine my personal experience and my Master’s degree in counseling with my professional training in bodywork to create a safe environment for trauma survivors who are interested in body work but uncertain about being touched by someone they do not know.

  For trauma survivors, I offer a free initial consultation/conversation to define boundaries and create a safe therapeutic environment. Many trauma survivors choose to begin their massage experience with an all-clothes-on chair massage.

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About Me

  I consider myself an Oregonian as I have lived here for more than 43 years, both in Eugene and at the Coast. My children were born and raised here. I am very active in local politics as a volunteer and I organizations that work to protect the environment.

  I have been an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist since 1988. My Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon gives me a firm foundation in the mind-body-spirit connection that blends well with the range of bodywork I incorporate into my work. I have extensively studied acupressure, Myofascial Release, hospital-based massage, elder support, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, orthopedic Massage, pregnancy massage and Feldenkreis in order to personalize and customize the bodywork experience to each individual client. I also enjoy working with elders, who often have limited access to massage, either at my office or in your home.

 I am both a trauma survivor and a cancer survivor and believe that bodywork from a trusted professional can do wonders for healing.

Kate Kelly

"I have been a patient of Kate's for years. I will never forget how she eliminated a 9 out of 10 pain in my right arm and shoulder x two months when two physicians couldn't figure it out. It was so severe I couldn't move a computer mouse for two months without excruciating pain. One visit and it was virtually gone. Not only is she good at what ails you, but also good at helping long term good health with preventative visits."

Geoff Simmons, M.D.

"Thank you so much for making me feel good inside and out!"

Judy W.

"Kate has been working on us for over 8 years now. She has improved our well being through massage therapy. My husband is paraplegic and I suffer from migraines and nerve pain. She has greatly inproved our lives."

Becky and Jim K.

"Thanks for using your magic fingers all year to help me stay sane."

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  I have been interested in the healing arts my whole adult life. As a trauma survivor, I gained an early awareness of the fragility and tenacity of the human spirit and the ways and means that we all develop to cope. From an early age, I recognized the need that we all have to be connected to one another in a loving, compassionate way and the deep pain that can be caused by not having those qualities in ones’ life. My own healing journey has taken many twists and turns over the years. I firmly believe that incorporating bodywork into our lives helps create a healthy life and helps to mitigate the harm that we may have experienced in our past.

  My philosophy is simply one of empowerment. I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves – and sometimes we can use a little help along the way from friends, family, counselors, massage therapists, and/or others. I believe that we all do better when we take charge of our own healing process and that we each know best what works for us. Bodywork can be a vital part of reaching that sense of well-being.

Kate Kelly

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Kate Kelly, M.S., LMT
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